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Unit 3 - Lesson 13 - The Present Simple - Questions - "Do I ...?"


! "What do you do?"="What is your job?" !

For example:
Q - What do you do?
A - I'm a teacher.


Adverbs of Frequency

Some adverbs tell us how often something is done.

Adverbs of Frequency


You can see more about adverbs of frequency in the grammar section.

The Present Simple - "Do I?"

In the third person (he, she, it) form, the question form of the verb to do takes an s. For example:-

Do I/we/you/ they have something? do something? like something? want something?
Does he/she/it have something? do something? like something? want something?


Let's ask Mr Bean what he does at work every day...

"Mr Bean, what do you do?" Teacher "I'm a teacher."
"What do you teach?"  English Flag "I teach English."
"Where do you work?"  College "I work at a language school in London.
"Do you usually walk to work?" Drive "No, I always drive."
"What time do you usually start?" 9:00 "I usually start work at 9.00 am."
"How many classes do you teach?" 3 "I usually teach three classes a day."
"Do you ever teach evening classes?" Evening "No, never. I only teach in the day."
"Do you ever teach on a Saturday?" Diary "Yes, but only sometimes."
"Does anyone else teach English?" Miss Smith "Yes, there is one other English teacher, Miss Smith."
"Does she teach every day?" Diary "No, she only works part-time. She teaches Monday to Wednesday. She never teaches at the weekend."
"What time do you usually finish work?" 4:00 "I usually finish work at 4 o'clock."


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