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Unit 9 - Lesson 43 - English Families #1 Introducing your family

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Possesive Adjectives


An English family says 'Hello!'

Mr and Mrs Bell are married.
This is Mary Bell. mother
Mrs Bell:
"Hello I'm Mary Bell, George's wife. George is my husband."
This is George Bell. father
Mr Bell:
"Hello I'm George Bell, Mary's husband. Mary is my wife."
Mr and Mrs Bell:

"We have two children; Carol and Robert. We are their parents."

This is Carol.
"Hello! I'm Carol Bell."
This is Robert. brother

"This is Robert. He's my big brother. I'm his sister."

"Hello! I'm Robert Bell. I'm her brother. She's my little sister."
Carol and Robert :

"Here are our parents. We're their children."

You have already met Mary. parent
Carol and Robert:

"This is our mother."

Mrs Bell:
"I'm Robert and Carol's mother. Carol is my daughter and Robert is my son."
You have already met George. parent
Carol and Robert:

"This is our father."

Mr Bell:
"I'm Robert and Carol's father. Carol is my daughter and Robert is my son."

!Note - We sometimes call our sisters and brothers siblings. They can be little or big brothers or sisters . A little brother or sister is younger a big brother or sister is older.

For example: I have two siblings, they are my big sisters, I don't have any little sisters, I am the youngest. I don't have any brothers either.


wife parent mother father children daughter son brother sister


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This is a song that illustrates families.

Do you have any brothers or sisters (siblings)? What are they like?

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Week 43

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