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The verb to be

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Vowels and Consonants

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Present continuous form = am/is/are + verb + ing. We use it to show that something is happening NOW.

You can use the short forms.

Present Continuous


Am/Is/Are doing
"What am I doing?" standing   "I'm standing.
"What is he doing?" To sit   "He's sitting.
"What is she doing?" To walk   "She's walking.
"What is it doing?" To run   "It's running.
"What are they doing?" To play   "They're playing."
"What are we doing?" To surf   "We're surfing the Internet.

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Now you have a go:-


Spelling Tip:

add -ing to


Words ending in two consonants

To walk

walk + ing


Words ending in two vowels + consonant.

To sleep

sleep + ing


Words ending in one consonant and a vowel (not 'e') 

To do

do + ing


Words ending in one vowel  and g - add g + -ing

To jog

jog + ging


Words ending in one vowel and m - add m + -ing

To swim

swim + ming


Words ending in one vowel and n - add n + -ing

To run

run + ning


Words ending in one vowel and p - add p + -ing

To shop

shop + ping


Words ending in one vowel and t - add t + -ing

To put

put + ting


Words ending in ie - delete ie - + -ying

To die

d + ying


Words ending in one consonant and e - delete e + -ing

To phone

phon + ing



Pronunciation - Short forms

Click on each word to hear the sound (requires Real Player Basic .)

I am I'm I am not I'm not
He is He's He is not He's not He isn't
She is She's She is not She's not She isn't
It is It's It is not It's not It isn't
You are You're You are not You're not You aren't
We are We're We are not We're not We aren't
They are They're They are not They're not They aren't

You will also see and hear the following slang terms:-

!Note - This is non-standard English and won't win you any marks in a test or exam:-

I am not I ain't
He is not he ain't
She is not she ain't
It is not it ain't
You are not you ain't
We are not we ain't
They are not they ain't


Now you try. Tell us what you are doing.
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Test It

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Sing It

Listen to this song, and read the lyrics. Maybe sing along. It is great for practising the present continuous tense.


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