Numbers 1 - 10



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Whole numbers 10 to 100
Symbol Word Pronounce It
10 Ten 10
11 Eleven 11
12 Twelve 12
13 Thirteen 13
14 Fourteen 14
15 Fifteen 15
16 Sixteen 16
17 Seventeen 17
18 Eighteen 18
19 Nineteen 19
20 Twenty 20
21 twenty-one 21
22 twenty-two ...
23 twenty-three ...
24 twenty-four ...
25 twenty-five ...
26 twenty-six ...
27 twenty-seven ...
28 twenty-eight ...
29 twenty-nine ...
30 thirty 30
40 fourty 40
50 fifty 50
60 sixty 60
70 seventy 70
80 eighty 80
90 ninety 90
100 one (a) hundred 100

Remember the rhyme in lesson 5?

One, two - buckle my shoe,
Three, four - knock on the door,
Five, six - pick up sticks,
Seven, eight - close the gate,
Nine, ten - a big fat hen.

Now let's carry on:-

Eleven, twelve - dig and delve,
Thirteen, fourteen - couples courting,
Fifteen, sixteen - mice in the kitchen,
Seventeen, eighteen - I'm still waiting,
Nineteen, twenty - my plate's empty.

10 - 100 Some Interesting Facts about numbers

I have ten fingers on my hands and ten toes on my feet.
There are eleven players on a cricket team.
There are twelve months in a year.
In the UK thirteen is an unlucky number.
There are fourteen days in a fortnight.
Three times five is fifteen.
If you sleep eight hours a day, then you are awake for sixteen hours a day.
In the Harry Potter series, 17 is the coming of age for wizards.
There are eighteen holes in a round of golf.
Nineteen is the atomic number of potassium.
If you add up all my fingers and toes it comes to twenty.
There are 30 days in the months April, June, September and November.
The expression "forty winks", means a short sleep.
The phrase "fifty-fifty" commonly expresses something divided equally in two.
There are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.
In the Bible a man's life was said to span 70 (3 score years and ten).
At birth, water accounts for approximately 80 percent of an infant's body weight.
The interior angles of a square measure 90 degrees each.
Water boils at 100° centigrade.

More interesting numbers

Even More Numbers

For homework, tell us something about the numbers eleven to twenty:-

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