How to Pronounce The English Alphabet

To pronounce English you're going to need your lungs, your vocal chords, your mouth, your tongue, your teeth, and especially your brain.

Sounds can be "voiced" and "unvoiced".

A voiced sound means that your vocal chords vibrate For example "zzzzzz".

An unvoiced sound means that your vocal chords don't vibrate. For example: "ssssss".

There are lots of other terms used to describe the sounds of English - plosives, glottal, aspiration, but it all boils down to one thing: making meaningful sounds. And as it's all about sounds, this series will use videos to introduce you to the wonderful world of English pronuncation.


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Place a finger on your neck (around the Adam's apple) and you should be able to feel a vibration when you say " zzzz", but not when you say "ssss".
Listen to this pronunciation poem.



Introduction to Pronunciation