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Unit 10 - Lesson 49
The Simple Present Perfect Negative - "I haven't done."


The Present Perfect Simple Positive


Mr Bean - Where hasn't he been?

He has been to

He has been to America, but he hasn't been to New York.

You can say "I haven't been to..." or "I've never been to..."
He has been to

He has been to Ireland, but he's never been to Dublin.

He has been to

He has been to Canada, but he hasn't been to Montreal.

I am packing my suitcase.

Already and Yet

What have I packed?
Already is used to show that something has happened before the present time.

I have already packed my skirt, a jumper and some socks.

Yet is used in negative statements to mean something hasn't happened up to the present time, but it implies that it will happen.
What haven't I packed, yet?

Toothpaste I haven't packed my toothbrush and toothpaste, yet.

HairbrushI haven't packed my hairbrush, yet.

ShoesI haven't packed my shoes, yet.

knickersbraI haven't packed any underwear, yet.

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Read this song - A classic and great for practising "I have never ... "

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Week 49

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