Remember It

Directions # 1


near far


over the bridge
  Over the bridge
through the tunnel
  Through the tunnel
along the road
  Along / Down the road
  Go upstairs
  Go downstairs
take the lift/elevator
  Take the lift up / down.

Ask the right question

sound More Questions
How do I get to ... ?
What's the best way to ...?

Is it near?

Is it far?


along down downstairs over through up upstairs

Your Challenge: Try to describe the inside of a building you know well.

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Test what you have learnt:-

Look at the map (opens in a new window).

Listen to the directions:-

Follow the directions on the map.
Where do you end up?

Now you try drawing some maps and then try directing a friend to different places on the map.
Listen to this traditional English folk song.


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Week 46

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