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Unit 10 - Lesson 46 - Directions # 2

Remember It

Directions # 1


near far


over the bridge
  Over the bridge
through the tunnel
  Through the tunnel
along the road
  Along / Down the road
  Go upstairs
  Go downstairs
take the lift
  Take the lift up / down.

Ask the right question

More Questions
How do I get to ... ?
What's the best way to ...?

Is it near?

Is it far?


along down downstairs over through up upstairs

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Test what you have learnt -

Look at the map (opens in a new window).
Listen to the directions.


Follow them on the map.
Where do you end up?

Practise Your English

Listen to this traditional English folk song
Draw some maps and then try directing a friend to different places on the map.

Try to describe a building you know well.

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Week 46

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