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Present continuous form = am/is/are + verb + ing (something is happening NOW)


In the negative: add not after am/is/are (something is not happening NOW).

I'm not | He/she/it is not (isn't) | You/we/they are not (aren't)

To stand

"I'm not sitting. I'm standing."

To sit

"He's not (he isn't) standing. He's sitting."

To walk

"She's not (she isn't) running. She's walking."

To run

"It's not (it isn't) walking. It's running. "

To play

"They're not (they aren't) working. They're playing. "

To surf

"We're not (we aren't) watching television. We're surfing the Net."


To stand


To sit


To walk


To run


To play





Spelling Tip:

Using a dictionary


Dictionaries come in many sizes and kinds. Small dictionaries are called pocket or compact, larger dictionaries are often called shorter and very large dictionaries are often called greater.

Small dictionaries are useful for finding everyday spellings and meanings. Some dictionaries have pictures to show the meanings of words. They are good for checking words that can be confused:-

horse n a four-legged animal with hooves ....
hoarse adj. of the voice, rough or croaking. 


In a dictionary after the word they tell you what kind of word it is in italics:-

adj. adjective
adv. adverb
conj. conjunction
interj. interjection
n noun
prep. preposition
pron. pronoun
vb verb


Now tell us something you are not doing.

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