Simple Directions

straight ahead
Straight ahead

For example

    The factory is straight ahead.    
office block
The office block is on the left.

You are here.

red dot

The train station is on the right.
train station

Ask the right question

sound Question
Where is the office block please? It's on the left.
Could you tell me where the factory is, please?

It's straight ahead.

Excuse me. Do you know where the train station is? It's on the right.

Where is ... in the town?

church train station school airport hospital
Where is the church?
Where is the train station?
Where is the school?
Where is the airport?
Where is the hospital?
The church is on the far left.

The train station is to the right of the church.

The school is in the middle. The airport is to the left of the hospital. The hospital is on the far right.
The church is next to the train station. The train station is between the church and the school. The school is between the station and the airport. The airport is between the school and the hospital. The hospital is next to the airport.


between left middle next to right straight ahead


Your Challenge: Describe a street you know well.

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Test what you have learnt -

You need a blank piece of paper and a pencil.
Listen to the text.
I will read out where you, a school, a hospital, a church and a train station are on the piece of paper.

Draw a simple map on the piece of paper according to what I tell you.
Check what you have written.

First Listen

Now - draw the map

Now Check Your Answer

Learn some vocabulary to do with buildings.
Listen - This is a fun song for asking the way.


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Week 45