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Unit 11 - Lesson 52 - Prepositions # 1


The question - Where?


Do you sometimes need to tell someone where something is?
You will need a preposition or two.

This is a chair
This is a lamp
A lamp
Where is the lamp?
beside / next to

The lamp is beside the chair.


The lamp is next to the chair.

Where is the chair?
in front of
in front of The chair is in front of the lamp.
Where is the chair?
Chair and Lamp The chair is behind the lamp.
Where is the chair?
under / beneath / underneath


The chair is under the lamp.


The chair is beneath the lamp.


The chair is underneath the lamp.

Where is the lamp?
on / on top of
Chair lamp

The lamp is on the chair.


The lamp is on top of the chair.


Naturally Speaking - English Dialogue

Dialogue Meet Frank and Nicole. Frank is always forgetting things. He is forgetful.

"Nicole. Have you seen my keys? I thought I'd put them on top of my briefcase."


"No. You left them behind the basket."
Frank "The basket above the coat rack?"
Nicole "No. The one under the table."
Frank "The table in the bedroom, beside the bed?"
Nicole "No! The dining room table, in front of the window."
Frank Why did I put them there?
Nicole Good question!


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Week 52

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