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Unit 6 - Lesson 29 - The Simple Past - "I did."

Remember It

textThe past of the verb to betext

Mr Bean's daily routine


We use the Simple Past tense when discussing finished time (yesterday, last year, in 1999 etc).

Present Simple

Only the verb to be needs to be changed in the third person. Regular verbs add -ed to the end. Irregular verbs have to be learnt.


What Mr Bean did yesterday.

wake up Yesterday Mr Bean woke up at 6.00 am.
get up He got up at 6.15 am,
bathroom and went to the bathroom.
shower He had a shower,
shave/brush then he had a shave and brushed his teeth.
Eat breakfast 7:00 He ate breakfast at about 7.00 am.
read the newspaper After breakfast he read the newspaper.
work At 7.30 am he went to work.

Spelling Tip - Rules for Regular Verbs:

Words ending in -e / -d: for example like > liked - hike > hiked

Words ending in -y:-

-y becomes -ied : For example worry > worried - cry > cried

Spelling Tip - Rules for Irregular Verbs:-

First rule: There are no rules!

be > was/were
do > did
have > had
go > went

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Test the simple past - fill in the gaps using the verbs given - Fill It!

Practise Your English

For homework, tell us something you did yesterday.

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Week 29

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