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textThe verb to have text
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The Present Perfect Simple - [HAS / HAVE] + [past participle]

Present Perfect Simple


We often use the Present Perfect Simple tense to talk about our life up to now, especially when we are interested in what happened, and not exactly when it happened. Think of it as unfinished time - you're not dead - your life isn't finished, so you use the present perfect tense to talk about it.

textForming the Present Perfect Tense text

Mr Bean - Where has he been?

He has been to

He has been to America.

Maybe he has been there once, or several times. You don't know and he's not going to tell you.
He has been to

He has been to Ireland


He has been to Canada.

I'm your teacher. You know that I'm from England, and I'm living in Germany.

How long and since when?

Your Teacherfrance
Since a point in time.
For a length of time.

How long have I been in Germany?

I have been in Germany since 1998.

In 2006 I had been in Germany for 8 years.

    (Too long.)

Where else have I been?


Where have I been?

Maybe I have been there once, or several times. You don't know, but I can tell you. You add the number of times to the end of the sentence.

How many times have I been there?

Your Teacherfrance

I have been to France.

I have been to France many times.

Your Teacherget up

I have been to Italy.

I have been to Italy twice.

Your Teachershower

I have been to South Africa.

I have only been to South Africa once.

We also use the Present Perfect Simple tense to talk about things that we have done, where you can see the result. Compare:-
They are doing ...
They have done ...
Going Shopping She is shopping. france She has been shopping.
The shopping is in her bags.
Toilet Oh dear. He is unblocking the toilet. Toilet Thank goodness. He has unblocked the toilet.
It is flushing properly now.
Relay They are carrying a big, heavy sofa. dropped

Oops! They have dropped it.
One of them has been squished.

Your Challenge: Tell us where you've been, or somewhere you have never been.

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